DMA Leadership targets 9 specific areas for improvement. These strategies come from a comprehensive study of what works and why. DMA Leadership believes in building a foundation that ensures the company is successful for the long term, not just this business cycle. This is achieved by understanding the behavior of people - from the leader, to the front line worker, and out to the customer.

1) Strategic Alignment
Behavioral science tells us that people desire a relationship based on mutual understanding and success. At DMA Leadership, we help focus the organization on the strategic mission. Accomplish this objective through realistic strategic plans supplemented by contingency plans and alternatives. At DMA Leadership, we will work with you from conceptualization through execution, including working with your team on the organizational change aspect to ensure a smooth transition and maximum acceptance.
Design and help execute change management strategies
2) Leadership Concepts
Acquire and retain the right people. Alleviate performance apathy with real 360 feedback assessments. Not lip service, or another "flavor of the month", but rather frank discussions, face to face, with the group. When done properly, the outcome is phenomenal. Peer pressure is one of the most powerful tools an organization can use to improve. At DMA Leadership, we can help you develop people strategies for executives and managers. This includes mentoring, coaching, and providing managerial skills. We help develop a participative leadership culture and mentality in the organization.
3) Cross-Functional Workgroups
Ever wonder why groups get a great deal of accolades from team builders, but many times just do not do any better than a much smaller contingency? Called social loafing, a condition that exists where productivity of some decline due to an overabundance of resources or a particular skill set. DMA Leadership can help facilitate the process of aligning the team to maximize workforce management and resources for optimum performance.
4) Training & Development
Does your training department add value or are they relegated to orientation training and keeping people up to date about diversity issues? This underutilized resource is allowing foreign competitors to overtake many industries. Maintain a measurable competitive advantage by investing in human capital. Ask the people at Nucor or 3M in the value of the human element. Make it part of a holistic approach, not a quick fix. At DMA Leadership, we can help change the focus of your training department into a performance improvement resource that can add value to the bottom line by creating an active culture that seeks continuous improvement.
5) Integrated Marketing Concepts
Changing consumer demographics and a changing global environment require a mixture of rich media to reach the right consumer at the right time. All too often companies fail to integrate their various communication channels resulting in a hodgepodge of communication tactics to the customer. DMA Leadership helps guide you through a rich customer experience using a media mix, consumer research and market segment communication strategies to build customer value in your products and services. We enlist all departments in the cause of customer satisfaction in order to be market and customer centered with a focus on customer satisfaction and value.
6) Sales Force Development
Several effective strategies work for the right motivated sales force. DMA Leadership can help develop working solutions based on consumer behavior and increase the percentage of sales per contact. Consultative selling places an emphasis on customer needs and aligns products and services to those needs. DMA Leadership recognizes that selling is a relational bonding that is more important for the long-term than immediate profit satisfaction. DMA Leadership facilitates an atmosphere where the sales team ensures the prospective customer benefits by more value from the product or service than they actually paid.
7) Production
Is your team in search of the Holy Grail for improvement through six sigma and lean operating? These are techniques for eliminating waste and measuring the results of planned change. It focuses on how to make people better - not just count the number of defects or provide a statistical analysis of the deviation from the optimum production quota. DMA Leadership can help you determine if Lean is for you and place the correct change management process in place for success.
8) Media Relations
Media relations are about maintaining a positive image, even in the worst of times. Who wants to have the best product in the worst environment? How does a changing global conscience react to news of your company? Is your company blamed for events out of your control? It is not necessarily about being a "spin doctor", but rather understanding how the consumer reacts to bad news and how to be proactive in maintaining a good relationship. Public relations are about telling your story. At DMA Leadership, we help you strengthen your ethical values and capitalize on your honesty.
9) Finance & OD Partnering
Companies fashioned on old methodologies look for the finance department to run the company. The best companies not only look to the bottom line, but also understand the importance of people integration into the business model. With the changing demographics and the issue of the aging workforce, outstanding workers are a scarce commodity. This is an area for a win-win. An engaged work force supporting strategic initiatives at every level will help the company grow. We have experienced professionals to evaluate your financial statements and provide action plans to mobilize your people to meet organizational goals by integrating financial concepts with people concepts.

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