DMA Leadership is a team of professionals with experience in business improvement strategies using successful organizational change management models. Whether your company is looking to develop leaders to deal with today's challenges or tomorrow's new markets, we can help create a learning organization that is proactive in finding growth.

The professionals at DMA Leadership will help:

Design and help execute change management strategies
Mentor executives in leading and managing strategies
Aligning departments to the strategic plan for efficiency
Create an effective training team based on ROI
Adjust marketing plan based on customer behavior
Develop and help train your sales and marketing staff
Design metrics for real time analysis of performance
Build media relations strategies
Design integration strategies for the business units

Our Background

We treasure the balance between practical work experience and academic achievement. Our team has graduate degrees in Organizational Management. We have access to graduate level work in Strategic Management and Business Administration. We have access to personality and organizational culture testing and behavior analysis. We have experience in executive management, training & development, power generation and telecommunications, as well as academia. Our talented staff is energetic, educated, and empowered to perform.

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Mission: We collaborate with organizations to institute lasting changes that support continuous improvement as an action oriented business environment. We put feet to the plan!

Values: We want to become the leader in small to medium sized business strategic improvement consultative services. At D
MA Leadership, we believe that success is based on executing a well-designed plan. A well-designed plan is not the creation of geniuses, but rather of business people at all levels that understand the environment, their capabilities, and have a propensity to act with purpose and meaning. They believe, as we do, that success is defined by meeting the needs of the whole as opposed to the needs of the few. When success is defined as meeting the needs of the customer and the needs of the organization, everyone wins.