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Welcome to DMA Leadership Management Training in Toledo

Welcome to DMA Leadership Management Training in ToledoWelcome to DMA Leadership Management Training in Toledo

Why DMA?

Why Innovation Officers?

Innovation is the activity of people and organizations committing to change themselves and the environment. It means breaking routines and dominant ways of thinking, introducing new concepts and behaviors, and launching new standards. Innovative thinking focuses on creative orientation; it arises from dissatisfaction with the current state and a commitment to leverage technological and social opportunities.

Are you a Learning Organization?

An innovative (learning) organization is the term given to a company that facilitates the learning of its members and continuously transforms itself. Learning organizations develop as a result of the pressures facing modern organizations and enables them to remain competitive in the business environment

The main benefits to the organization are:

  1. Maintaining levels of innovation and remaining competitive
  2. Being forward thinking to respond quicker to external pressure
  3. Having the knowledge to better link resources to customer needs
  4. Improving quality of outputs at all levels
  5. Improving corporate image by becoming more people oriented
  6. Increasing the pace of change within the organization

DMA Leadership helps your organization to embrace five main features:

  1. Systems Thinking: Does your company have a culture of Silos?
  2.  Personal Mastery: Is individual learning embraced?
  3. Mental Models: Does your company possess a confrontational attitude or an open culture which promotes inquiry and trust?
  4. Shared Vision: Is there a common shared vision from all of the employees throughout the organization or is the company vision imposed from above?
  5. Team Learning: Are the team members developing open communication, shared meaning, and shared understanding?