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Welcome to DMA Leadership Management Training in Toledo

Welcome to DMA Leadership Management Training in ToledoWelcome to DMA Leadership Management Training in Toledo

Training Courses


Our Learning and Development Modules Focus on Three Areas:



· Self Alignment

· Interpersonal and Relationship Skills

· Leadership Coaching

· Management Training and Development

· Behavioral and Personality Assessments


· Strategic Alignment (vision)

· Business Audits

· Marketing – Sales Training

· Personnel Succession Planning


· Business Operations Alignment

· Adapting to Change

· Business Acumen

· Project Leadership

· Computerization

Courses at a Glance

DMA Leadership will help create custom courses tailored to fit your unique situation. You are in control. Below are popular competencies and topics to help you on your journey. 

People: Leadership/ Supervisor Series

Employees want an opportunity to develop their skills and enhance their contribution to your company. Learning and development gives people greater control and ownership in their jobs and contributes to increased loyalty and retention. Below are half day sessions for leadership development. This workshop series is designed for supervisors, team leaders, and managers. An analysis can be preformed to address your team’s specific needs in their leadership journey. 

  • Developing Management Skills Overview.
  • Motivational Techniques/Communication Styles.
  • Managing Conflict in the Workplace.
  • Effective Discipline. 
  • Developing & Coaching Others. 
  • Managing Safety with Confidence and Authority. 
  • Negotiations.
  • Sexual Harassment.

Personal Coaching and Behavioral Leadership

  • The CPI 260 Leadership Workshop.
  • Understanding Teams using Personality Profiles (MBTI)
  • Emotionally Intelligent Workforce
  • Other EQ training workshops 
  • Hiring the Best Using STAR Behavioral Techniques
  • DISC Personality Profiles
  • Understanding your Behavior and Leadership Style (DISC)
  • The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) Workshop.
  • Using 360 Feedback in Coaching and Employee Appraisal 

Customer Service and Sales

This program is designed to help you learn to excel in delivering quality service with a caring attitude. Customer service and sales training provides you with a unique opportunity to learn new skills that will help you and your organization become a high quality customer service provider. The participant will learn how to:

  • Understand the steps to effective and persuasive customer service
  • Understand and adapt to the customer’s needs and interests
  • Keep calm and professional in spite of stress and conflict
  • Understand that complaints can help retain customers
  • Develop partnerships with customers
  • Manage special customer service situations and problems

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